I registered but I did not receive my user name and password. After sign-up, a message containing your login to Easy Money Blackjack is sent to your email. If, after 10 minutes, you still have not received this email, be sure to check your spam/bulk folder as sometimes it gets trapped there.  If you still cannot find your login email, please contact our support via the Contact Us link.

I purchased EMBJ or or registered for the site, and I received my user login and password, but I can’t log in. After entering your name and password on the home page, press “Enter” on your keyboard (there is no “Enter” button on the screen). Passwords are case sensitive and they are usually mixed case. The biggest problem that members have logging in is confusing characters such as the lower case L, with uppercase I, the number 1, etc. Please make sure to try all combinations before contacting our support. After your initial login, you can change your password by clicking on your account name in the upper right hand corner and selecting “Edit my Profile.”

I was able to log in and now I can’t. When you first signed up for our site, an email with a “confirm your subscription” link was sent to you. You may have forgotten to confirm your membership, and therefore, your account expired after 30 days. We periodically delete unconfirmed accounts. Try creating a new account (this time remember to confirm).

I posted a comment, why isn’t it showing up? To avoid spam, all comments are reviewed by a moderator before they are allowed to be seen. Please allow up to 48 hours for review before contacting us about this issue.

The blackjack game won’t play on my browser. Make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your browser. You can download it here. Mac and mobile users whose browsers don’t support flash may play Bovada’s HTML 5 version.

I have other questions about the EMBJ system. Read the answers to our most common questions about our strategy on our EMBJ System FAQ page.

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