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If you have been an online gambler for awhile, you’ve probably have heard of a product called Roulette Sniper. This software has been on the market for quite some time, and has become legendary in some circles because of its flexibility, ease of use, and accuracy to help the online roulette player defeat the wheel. It is used in conjunction with the online casinos.

Now there’s a new Sniper product released called Blackjack Sniper. The Blackjack Sniper software incorporates many different strategies that help the player to win at online blackjack.

Blackjack Sniper Software Screenshot
Blackjack Sniper Software Screenshot
Junk Blackjack Calculator
Free Junk Calculator

If you think that Blackjack Sniper is just a basic blackjack calculator, then you are very wrong. First, I have downloaded a few of these “free” calculators, and to my beloved surprise, my virus alarm rang with Trojans that I couldn’t get off my PC. In fact, I had to reinstall my operating system and all my favorite software back on to my computer, all thanks to this “free” junk.

Second, these “free” calculators offer no advanced strategy, besides a basic strategy card in software format. They have no card counting, no timed events, and new wagering. Usually, free means junk.

Third, these “free” calculators are just a means to direct traffic to casinos. The author of the Blackjack Sniper software has tested the software at the recommended online casinos, and knows them to be reputable so that when you win, you get paid your winnings.

Some might say that card counting in the online casino world makes no sense, and most people would be correct about that assumption, but there are now a few online casinos that offer live dealer play such as Bovada and  BetOnline casino for  U.S. players and Bodog for non-U.S. international players. In this instance, you will find that you can use the card counting successfully. Also, with the adjust wager option, if you have done your homework on how card counting works, Blackjack Sniper will automatically adjust your wager according to the card count.

Bonus money is another topic that people have an issue with. Like most table games, blackjack is restricted so that you can’t actually claim the bonus in cash. I have found one casino that actually lets you claim the entire bonus, and this is at the Bovada casino, (very reputable). They have a no download flash version of blackjack that is really easy to win at, plus you will be able to claim your entire bonus money.

Hopefully this review helps you make a wise and informed decision without jumping to any conclusions. Blackjack is fun, and in fact, more fun with better odds than roulette. . Enjoy your winning with Blackjack Sniper, and we will see you at the tables.

Much like Roulette Sniper, Blackjack Sniper lets you download a complimentary free trial so that you can evaluate the software before you decide to buy. Free version of Blackjack Sniper allows using it for an hour or twenty hands. This restriction seems very reasonable and helps remove any doubt from your mind that this product may or may not be for you. You will find that most other blackjack products online do not offer this sort of trial.

To put any doubts in your mind to rest, I strongly recommend you download the free trial of Blackjack Sniper so you can see for yourself if it is for you.

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How To Integrate Blackjack Sniper with the Easy Money Blackjack System

EMBJ is a strategy that uses streaks to capitalize on a series of winning hands. BJ Sniper is essentially an automated card counting tool that removes the chance of error in the player’s calculations.

Since the software runs on a PC, you obviously can only use it to play online, as casino officials would never allow you to play at a table while using a computer. Also, since the program is constantly recalculating the odds based on cards left in a deck, it cannot be used in most online games that use a continuous shuffle algorithm that reshuffles the virtual deck after every hand is dealt. There are, however, LIVE blackjack games and true deck penetration games where the cards are not shuffled until a certain level in the virtual deck has been reached.

That being said, it is possible to increase you winning percentage even more when using both strategies in tandem while playing in certain online blackjack games. Here’s how to use them together:

Play the EMBJ strategy while at the same time entering the cards that come up into the BJ Sniper software.

Normally, taking insurance during every opportunity is overall a losing bet, however, when using a card counting system such as BJ Sniper, it becomes profitable if only taken at high counts. Therefore when implementing both systems, take insurance when the count is near 1.

In addition, when the count is low indicating a poor deck, one will flat bet , keeping the bet the same after each losing hand, until the deck becomes rich again. In other words, we follow the EMBJ betting progression unless the deck becomes poor. Then we flat bet. We do not, however, alter the way we play basic strategy.

When the count becomes rich again (close to 1), we bet heavy adding up all of the bets made during the losing streak and doubling that for the next hand. Should the losing streak end during a flat bet, we begin the EMBJ system all over again at betting the table minimum as usual.

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