Atlantic City Blackjack Rules

Red Blackjack TableThis article describes the basic rules of the blackjack card game variation played in Atlantic City. For the current rule options and playing conditions offered at specific casinos there, see our Casino Rules & Conditions page. Blackjack rules are regulated by the New Jersey gaming authorities and are the same in all casinos in Atlantic City. It is described as a Hole Card game, which means that the Dealer is dealt two cards, one face up and the other card face down (the hole card). The game offers some of the best odds in blackjack, even better than many casinos in Las Vegas. The rules are straightforward with only variations from the classic game.

Decks – This version of Blackjack is always played with eight decks via a shoe.

Dealer Rules – The Dealer will Stand on All 17 hands and always peek when he is showing either an Ace a Ten or a face card. The dealer will offer insurance to the player whenever he could have a Blackjack hand.

Double Down Rules – A player may double down on any two cards he has been dealt, and can Double Down after splitting a hand.

Splitting Rules – A player can split a hand three times to make a total of four hands in play, but when dealt a pair of Aces then these can just be split once. Only one card will be dealt to a split Ace, should you get dealt a ten to a split Ace then this hand is not a Blackjack but a 21 hand. Any two cards that have the same value or denomination may be split and that includes ten valued cards.

Surrender Rules – Late Surrender can be taken after the Dealer has checked for Blackjack, and by taking it you forfeit half your wager in exchange for being removed without playing out that particular hand.

Payouts and House Edge – A winning hand other than a Blackjack hand pays even money, a winning Blackjack hand pays 3 to 2 and a winning insurance side bet wager pays 2 to 1. The house edge of the Atlantic City game is 0.36%.

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