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Yes it does, however, please be aware that several online casinos are very loosely regulated and may engage in foul play (using rigged software programs) or may delay payments indefinitely. For this reason, many people prefer to play online in live dealer games. Please use only reputable establishments such those recommended on our site.

Absolutely. The concepts covered are simple enough for anyone to learn. Whether you’re a beginner at the tables or a seasoned pro, your game will dramatically improve through the knowledge contained in this manual; Guaranteed!

Very little math indeed. Only very simple operations like dividing by 2.

You can play at any casino that offers at minimum the “surrender” rule. This includes casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, Macau, The Caribbean Islands, Central & South America, Asia, Europe and many other popular gambling cities and online casinos (both software & live dealer games) around the world. The more favorable blackjack rules allowed, however, the better the payout (i.e. double on any 2 cards, re-splitting aces, blackjack pays 3:2 etc.).

We provide links to resources to help you find gaming establishments that offer these rules.

Since the strategy does not depend on a count of previous cards dealt nor other card tracking methodology, it works great with both continuous shuffle machines used in land based casinos and with random number generators used in most online blackjack games.

Although Easy Money Blackjack does not require any card counting, many of our advanced players have found it beneficial to implement counting as an extra edge during insurance, poor count situations etc. Although counting adds a substantial level of complexity and risk, you can incorporate it into your money management strategy as well, to boost your winnings. If playing in live dealer games online, we recommend using card counting software for count accuracy.

Our blackjack system has been tested extensively and works great on blackjack variants such as Spanish 21, Superfun 21, Pontoon, Rummy, California 21 and many others. As long as the blackjack variant offers the “surrender” option, EMBJ most likely works!

Each session requires 140X the table minimum. For example a $1 minimum table would require $140 to play. A $10 table would require $1400, etc.

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Please visit our Casino Rules and Conditions page to find a land based casino that offers either early or late surrender.

If none are available in your area, a great option might be an online casino. Read the article on Live Dealer Games vs Software Games for our top picks.

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