Tunica, MS Blackjack Rules & Conditions Chart 2022

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DLR S-17
1st Jackpot Casino11:1HITSANY 2 NOANYTIMENO No Mid-entry, Tied BJ Wins, 6 Card Hand Wins, Suited BJ Pays 3:2, Splits After Hitting
1st Jackpot Casino23:2HITSANY 2 YESNO YESNo Mid-entry
1st Jackpot Casino53:2HITSANY 2 YESNO YESCont. Shuffle
1st Jackpot Casino63:2HITSANY 2 YESNO YES
Fitzgeralds13:2HITS ANY 2 NONO YESNo Mid-entry
Fitzgeralds23:2HITSANY 2 YESNO YESNo Mid-entry
Fitzgeralds63:2HITSANY 2 YESNO YES
Gold Strike11:1 HITS ANY 2NO ANYTIMENO No Mid-entry, Tied BJ Wins, 6 Card Hand Wins, Suited BJ Pays 3:2, Splits After Hitting
Gold Strike13:2HITS ANY2 NO NO NO No Mid-entry
Gold Strike23:2HITS ANY 2 YESNO YES No Mid-entry
Gold Strike63:2HITS ANY 2YESNO YES No Mid-entry
Gold Strike63:2HITSANY 2YESNO YES No Mid-entry, Lucky Ladies Bet
Hollywood23:2 HITSANY 2YES NO YES No Mid-entry
Horseshoe13:2HITSANY 2 NONO NONo Mid-entry
Horseshoe23:2HITSANY 2YES NO YES No Mid-entry
Horseshoe63:2HITSANY 2YES NO YES No Mid-entry
Horseshoe83:2HITSANY 2YES NO YES Lucky Ladies Bet
Horseshoe83:2HITSANY 2YES NO YES No Mid-entry
Resorts23:2HITSANY 2YES NO NO No Mid-entry
Resorts63:2STANDSANY 2YESNO NO $25 Max Mid-entry
Sam's Town13:2HITSANY 2NONO NO No Mid-entry
Sam's Town23:2HITSANY 2YES NO NO No Mid-entry
Sam's Town53:2HITSANY 2YES NO NO Cont. Shuffle
Sam's Town63:2HITSANY 2YES NO NO
Tunica Roadhouse13:2HITSANY 2NO NO NO
Tunica Roadhouse16:5HITSANY 2YES NO YES
Tunica Roadhouse23:2HITSANY 2YES NO NO
Tunica Roadhouse56:5HITSANY 2YES NO YES Cont. Shuffle
Tunica Roadhouse63:2HITSANY 2YES NO YES
Tunica Roadhouse63:2HITSANY 2NO NO YES
Tunica Roadhouse73:2HITSANY 2YES NO YES Lucky Ladies Bet


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17 thoughts on “Tunica, MS Blackjack Rules & Conditions Chart 2022”

  1. Thanks for Tunica update on playing conditions. Most places don’t have those and concentrate on Vegas. But this is a great Mid-South location and mid level betting for comps resort area. Do you know when these conditions were updated? I’m planning a trip in mid-January and wondered.

  2. According to the American Casino Guide 2015 and looking at articles, the Harrah’s Casino has been out of Business since June 2014. Too bad, it was one of the best places to play blackjack in the Tunica, MS area.

  3. Here’s an update on the Tunica, MS casinos:

    Single deck- Fitz allows resplitting of aces and the Horseshoe does not.
    Double deck- Tunica Roadhouse no longer allows resplitting of aces
    6-deck- Bally’s has a regular 6-deck game (not Spanish 21) that has the same rules as the Fitz; Hollywood allows doubling after splitting; Resorts have dealers stand of soft 17 and doubling after splitting

    • Correction: the Fitz rules still applies (make no changes for single deck); the Horseshoe is the only update (no resplitting of aces)

      • Thanks for the updates. Changes have been reflected in the chart. One question: did you mean that Bally’s has an additional regular 6 deck game or has that game replaced their Spanish 21 game that no longer exists?

        • Bally’s doesn’t have Spanish 21. So, it’s just a regular 6-deck blackjack. I also have make another correction: Fitz, Horseshoe, and Sam’s Town doesn’t allow doubling after splitting for the single deck game.


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