Blackjack TV Scenes

Classic scenes from television shows that include references to our favorite card game in the casino; blackjack. If you know of one that we forgot to mention, please comment below.

TV Show: The Simpsons- Card Counting Team Explained

In an effort to save her church from being sold to developers, Marge and Apu organize a team of blackjack players to beat the casino.

TV Show: Entourage- Blackjack

Ari and Vince double down in Vegas.¬†Ariel “Ari” Gold is a fictional character on the comedy-drama television series Entourage. He is played by Jeremy Piven.

TV Show: Star Trek: The Next Generation- Episode “The Royale”

Data from, this popular science fiction show, tries his hand at blackjack. In an attempt to better understand the game he reads the definition from his internal computer.

TV Show: Futurama- Blackjack and Hookers

Bender, the robot, doesn’t handle rejection well

Vancome Lady – Casino (MAD TV)


The Vancome Lady as a blackjack dealer at a casino. – Mad TV

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