Las Vegas, NV Blackjack Rules & Conditions Chart 2019

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8 thoughts on “Las Vegas, NV Blackjack Rules & Conditions Chart 2019”

  1. Fiesta Henderson has a 2 deck luck ladies blackjack game. double on any 2, double after splitting, resplit aces up to 4 times, bj pays 3:2, dealer hits soft 17, no surrender.

  2. Paris and Fitzgeralds have Power Blackjack…. Fitz is auto shuffler, 6 decks, not sure about Paris… don’t know if other casinos have it. Low house advantage

    • To print the entire chart, click the first line in the chart. Next use your mouse to click and scroll to the bottom of the chart. Now, holding down the shift key, click the end of the chart and the entire chart should be highlighted. Now you can either release the mouse and press Ctrl-C to copy to the clipboard or right-click the mouse and select Copy. Then simply open your favorite word processor and press Ctrl-V to paste. Now print as you normally would from your word processor 🙂

  3. Hi Henry, we have made all of the changes you have noted on the Las Vegas chart. We make updates to our charts the same day we are informed of them. It’s up to the community to note updates in the comments. We all appreciate your input.

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