Other Cities, NV Blackjack Rules & Conditions 2022

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DLR S-17
Laughlin Aquarius16:5HITSANY 2NONONO
Laughlin Aquarius23:2HITSANY 2NONONO
Laughlin Aquarius63:2HITSANY 2NONONO
Laughlin Aquarius66:5HITSANY 2NONONO
Laughlin Avi11:1 (♦s 3:2) HITS ANYTIME YES ANYTIME YES (max 3 times) Super Fun 21
Laughlin Avi23:2HITSANY 2NONONO
Laughlin Avi63:2HITSANY 2NONONO
Laughlin Colorado Belle13:2HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONO
Laughlin Colorado Belle23:2HITSANY 2NONONOLucky Ladies Bet
Laughlin Colorado Belle63:2HITSANY 2YESNONOLucky Ladies Bet Continuous Shuffle
Laughlin Colorado Belle63:2HITSANY 2YESNONOLucky Ladies Bet
Laughlin Edgewater13:2HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONO
Laughlin Edgewater23:2HITSANY 2NONONOLucky Ladies Bet
Laughlin Edgewater23:2HITSANY 2NONONO
Laughlin Edgewater63:2HITSANY 2YESNONOLucky Ladies Bet Continuous Shuffle
Laughlin Edgewater63:2HITSANY 2YESNONOLucky Ladies Bet
Laughlin Golden Nugget16:5HITSANY 2NONONO
Laughlin Golden Nugget23:2HITSANY 2NONONO
Laughlin Golden Nugget63:2HITSANY 2YESNOYES
Laughlin Golden Nugget83:2HITSANY 2YESNOYES
Laughlin Harrah's Del Rio16:5HITSANY 2NONONONo Mid-entry
Laughlin Harrah's Del Rio23:2HITSANY 2NONONONo Sitting Out Hands No Mid Multiple Hands
Laughlin Harrah's Del Rio63:2HITSANY 2NONONO
Laughlin Harrah's Del Rio66:5HITSANY 2YESNONO
Laughlin Pioneer63:2HITSANY 2NONONOLucky Ladies Bet
Laughlin Pioneer63:2HITSANY 2NONONO
Laughlin River Palms63:2HITSANY 2NONONO
Laughlin Riverside13:2HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONOLucky Ladies Bet
Laughlin Riverside63:2HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONOLucky Ladies Bet
Laughlin Tropicana16:5HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONO
Laughlin Tropicana23:2HITSANY 2NONONO
Laughlin Tropicana63:2HITSANY 2NONONO
Mesquite Casablanca23:2HITSANY 2YESNONO
Mesquite Casablanca63:2HITSANY 2YESNONO
Mesquite Eureka13:2HITSANY 2YESNONONo Mid-entry
Mesquite Eureka23:2HITSANY 2YESNONO
Mesquite Eureka21:1HITS2 CARDS 10+YESNONOPlayer may triple down on 9, 10 or 11. No insurance
Mesquite Eureka63:2HITSANY 2YESNONO
Mesquite Eureka63:2HITS<5 Cards 9-11NONONODealer 22 pushes all
unbusted player hands. Resplit up to 4 times.
Mesquite Virgin River23:2HITSANY 2YESNONO
Mesquite Virgin River63:2HITSANY 2YESNONO
Minden Carson Valley Inn11:1 (♦s 3:2) HITS ANYTIME YES ANYTIME YES (max 3 times) Super Fun 21
Minden Carson Valley Inn23:2HITSANY 2NONONO
Pahrump Golden Nugget23:2HITSANY 2NONONONo Mid-entry
Pahrump Golden Nugget63:2HITSANY 2YESNONO
Pahrump Terrible's Town23:2HITSANY 2NONONOLucky Ladies Bet No Mid-entry
Pahrump Terrible's Town63:2HITSANY 2YESNOYESLucky Ladies Bet
Searchlight Nugget23:2HITSANY 2YESNONOOpen only Fri-Sat.
Tahoe North Crystal Bay63:2HITSANY 2YESNOYESElectronic tracking
Tahoe North Hyatt Reg.63:2HITSANY 2YESNOYES
Tahoe North Biltmore11:1 (♦s 3:2) HITS ANYTIME YES ANYTIME YES (max 3 times) Super Fun 21
Tahoe North Biltmore63:2HITSANY 2NONOYES once
Tahoe South Hard Rock16:5HITS2 CARDS 10+NONOYES once
Tahoe South Hard Rock63:2HITSANY 2NONOYES once
Tahoe South Harrah's13:2HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONONo Mid-entry
Tahoe South Harrah's16:5HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONO
Tahoe South Harrah's23:2HITS2 CARDS 9+NONONO
Tahoe South Harrah's63:2HITSANY 2YESNOYES
Tahoe South Harrah's83:2HITSANY 2YESNONO
Tahoe South Harrah's86:5HITSANY 2YESNONO
Tahoe South Harvey's13:2HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONONo Mid-entry
Tahoe South Harvey's16:5HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONO
Tahoe South Harvey's23:2HITS2 CARDS 8+NONONONo Mid-entry
Tahoe South Harvey's63:2HITSANY 2YESNOYES
Tahoe South Harvey's83:2HITSANY 2YESNONO
Tahoe South Harvey's86:5HITSANY 2YESNONO
Tahoe South Lakeside13:2HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONO
Tahoe South Lakeside23:2HITS2 CARDS 8+NONONO
Tahoe South Lakeside63:2HITSANY 2YESNOYES
Tahoe South MontBleu13:2HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONONo Mid-entry
Tahoe South MontBleu16:5HITSANY 2NONONONo Mid-entry
Tahoe South MontBleu23:2HITS2 CARDS 9+NONONO
Tahoe South MontBleu83:2HITSANY 2YESNOYES
Topaz Lake Topaz Lodge23:2HITSANY 2NOYESNO
Wendover Montego Bay13:2HITSANY 2NONOYES
Wendover Montego Bay63:2HITSANY 2YESNOYES
Wendover Peppermill13:2HITSANY 2NONOYES
Wendover Peppermill63:2HITSANY 2YESNOYES
Wendover Rainbow13:2HITSANY 2NONOYES
Wendover Rainbow63:2HITSANY 2YESNOYES
Wendover Red Garter13:2HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONO
Wendover Nugget13:2HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONO
Winnemucca Parker's T63:2HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONOOpen Wed-Sun.
Winnemucca Winners43:2HITS2 CARDS 10+NONONO
Yerington Casino West43:2HITSANY 2NONONOOpen Fri-Sat. Dealer peeks at hole card


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3 thoughts on “Other Cities, NV Blackjack Rules & Conditions 2022”

    • Only the Baltimore offers a variation called Super Fun 21. They allow you to surrender at anytime with any number of cards in hand before the dealer plays his hand.

  1. Played at Harvey’s this summer. Harrahs seemed to have a little more energy in blackjack pit but the only difference on their single/double deck games when 6:5 v. 3:2 payout is the size of minimum bet. When were were there $25 min for 3-2 payout on BJ which is WELL worth the difference. No other rules were different between two.


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