Casino Blackjack Rules & Conditions Charts

Click here for blackjack rules & conditions in various cities.Click the links below to see the blackjack rules survey offered at various casinos in that city. Some cities accessible to “members only.” 

Post general questions and comments about these charts below. Make specific comments & updates about individual casino blackjack conditions on those respective pages.

The blackjack surveys are believed to be accurate, but please call the casino to verify rules before visiting.

To find out how these rules variations affect the house edge against you, checkout our blackjack House Odds Calculator.

Las Vegas
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Reno, NV
Click Here
Tunica, MS
Members Only
Macau, China
Members Only
Other Cities, NV
Members Only
Connecticut, USA
Members Only
Atlantic City, NJ
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10 thoughts on “Casino Blackjack Rules & Conditions Charts”

  1. How can I print the casino blackjack rules in its entirety? Because the rules are in an ‘inset’ on your website, I am only able to print about the first third of the list!

    • To print the entire chart, click the first line in the chart. Next use your mouse to click and scroll to the bottom of the chart. Now, holding down the shift key, click the end of the chart and the entire chart should be highlighted. Now you can either release the mouse and press Ctrl-C to copy to the clipboard or right-click the mouse and select Copy. Then simply open your favorite word processor and press Ctrl-V to paste. Now print as you normally would from your word processor 🙂

  2. Thanks for giving us a place to obtain the most up-to-date information on blackjack games.
    If everyone reports back updates to the chart on their stays to these casino cities, it should prove very useful.

  3. I was wondering if you can add the casinos from Tunica, MS to this list as they have several casinos that have favorable blackjack rules such as Horseshoe, Harrah’s and Fitzgeralds where players can split Aces in single deck.

    • Tunica, MS has just been added to our Casino Rules & Conditions! Enjoy and please comment if you see any rule changes.

    • Thanks for the update. No RSA on all games or on certain number of decks? For efficiency, next time please comment on the page for Las Vegas.

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